Jonah Migicovsky is a 26 year old photographer who solely shoots with 35mm film. He was born in Montreal and has remained there for just over a quarter century. At 18, Migicovsky started taking photographs to better serve his memory.
He enjoyed freezing time by taking pictures, and quickly realized how doing so could benefit others as well. Migicovsky wanted to hone his skills, so he applied to Concordia University’s Fine Art Photography program in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree.

After three years, with his degree nearly complete, Migicovsky left university. The academic institution had filled Migicovsky with a resentment for the realm of fine art photography, swaying him towards hands-on experience through learning of his own. Migicovsky started pursuing various photography-based endeavours, such as full-colour zines, group exhibitions, online and in-print publications, and began taking promotional photographs for musicians as well.

In 2016, Migicovsky felt the need to create something foreign to himself, artwork that would utilize photography but also push passed it. Migicovsky had always admired the practice of painting but was not personally capable of completing what he envisioned, and so a collaboration would soon take shape. Migicovsky teamed up with talented painter Lisa Kimberly Glickman; an artist he looks up to, and also his mother.

Lisa Kimberly Glickman is a contemporary figure and landscape painter who works in rich layers of colour.

Glickman received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 1981; a Diploma of Education in 1995, followed by a Masters in Education from McGill University in 1998.

She has taught Visual and Media Art in Montreal area schools for many years; creating her own artwork at night, weekends, and summertime.

Aside from human figures, her work frequently depicts animals – the other great love of her life. The artist believes that colour should speak, appear to move, and have a life of its own independent of — while at the same time related to — the subject portrayed.

She is particularly entranced with the effect of light on colour, and always try to get a sense of light and shadow, a feeling of the time of day or season, and evoke the mood colours can create. She loves the subtleties and nuances you can create with brushwork and drips. She generally works from a combination of life, memory, and photographs that she has taken herself.

In the 1980s Glickman played with painting and drawing on cyanotypes of her own photography. When she shared the imagery with her son Jonah Migicovsky; that sparked a conversation about the collaboration, which became the first series “Abandoned ReImagined”. They had such a wonderful time that they collaborated on the current series “Mexico”. They feel that the mash up of their two styles is fresh, intriguing and beautiful.

Photography and painting, Migicovsky and Glickman, mother and son, their familial art project meshed analog photographs with the flexibility of painting. Forming the self-decided term “paintographs”, Migicovsky continues pursuing his multi-media practice by exhibiting work throughout Montreal.